The Mastery of The GlenDronach

exterior view of glendronach distillery

Using Time-Honoured Traditions

Our distilling methods may be traditional, but we look at them as handcrafted techniques mastered over nearly two hundred years of devoted tradition. The GlenDronach is borne of the landscape and natural ingredients that surround us, from the soft Highland water drawn from the underwater springs in the Balnoon hills to the Scottish malted barley we source from our trusted partners.

barrels in warehouse

Exquisite Duality of Spirit and Sherry Casks

The hallmark of our craft is the marriage of robust Highland spirit with the finest Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks from Andalucia in Spain. This exquisite duality brings exceptional depth, complexity, and character to our whiskies. Our traditional Porteus malt mill, glistening copper mash tun, and traditional wooden washbacks made from Scottish Larchwood form a slow and carefully attended process. Our elegant saxophone-shaped stills distill a rich, complex, and full-bodied spirit, which is filled into Spanish oak casks and left to patiently mature in our dunnage warehouses. Nearly 70% of the flavour in whisky is derived from the cask it has been matured in, so we are meticulous in the selection and nurture of our Spanish oak sherry casks.

Rachel Barrie walking by casks

Slow Maturation and Meticulous Craft

Over long years of slow maturation, our Single Malt whiskies are watched over by our dedicated distillery team, before being expertly selected and married by our Master Blender, Rachel Barrie. Every step in The  GlenDronach journey is taken with meticulous care and immaculate timing to produce expressions known the world over for their exceptional depth, complexity, and character.

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